Hillsong Zine – BITMAP series

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  This is the first time I got to create a zine within our Visual Techniques course for the 2nd year of Digital Media Design.   I honestly had a blast creating this project!  There were tons of new techniques to learn, especially for the printing aspect of the assignment.  We had to create this ‘zine’ as an issue that …

Product Packaging Redesign – Kraft Peanut Butter

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This was a pretty fun project to work on! We were given 2-3 weeks to do a redesign for a brand that we thought was lacking and to create packaging that would be usable for the product.  For my choice, I chose to rebrand Kraft Peanut Butter.  I thought to myself,  “How can I take simplicity, but make it a …

Gig Poster - Captain America

Gig Poster – Captain America: TWS

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  This project was probably one of my favourites throughout the first term of the 2nd year in our graphic design class.  Our objective was to take anything from any fandom and essentially create a gig poster!  And obviously, as shown above, I am a huge fan of Marvel Comics & the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I made a gig poster …